Does anterior placenta mean boy or girl

2020-04-02 04:22

With my 3 boys it was posterior. I was googling anterior placentas and came across a few sites claiming that girls are more likely to have anterior placentas. They thought that this explained the old wives tales of girls being less active and girl bumps being a different shape.Apr 07, 2010 I remember reading a study on the placement of the placenta and the gender of the fetus. If I remember correctly it wasn't if the placenta was on the front (anterior) or the back (posterior) it was the placment either left or right in an early ultrasound. Left being a girl and right being boy and it had some pretty convincing results. does anterior placenta mean boy or girl

Jul 10, 2015  Its really common and normal, its basically meaning the placenta is one the front of the uterus rather than back. The only complication is potentially if you have a caesarean, the incision would possibly be lower. i have anterior this time round and i would

Placentas typically attach themselves in the backposterior of the uterus, but when your placenta is anterior it is right up front (placentas can also attach on the sides and top of the uterus). So, if you came up to me when I was pregnant and rubbed my belly and started talking to the baby, Was told at my scan that I have an anterior placenta, so like any other mad pregnant woman I googled it and found that there seems to be a connection with it being a girl. Anterior Placenta Boy or Girl Poll. Babycakes246. Posted. Hi Ladies.does anterior placenta mean boy or girl What is the meaning of placenta is anterior, upper segment, grade 2 in maturity? Placenta anterior upper segament grade 2. is normal delivery possible? Placenta found on fundus anterior wall mean what baby girl or boy s. The placenta is fundoanterior grade 1 maturity wat does it mean will it be any problem can i have normal delivery?

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Feb 10, 2018 The placenta (the organ that nourishes baby through pregnancy) typically attaches to the uterus in the back (posterior) of the uterus, though it can attach anywhere, including the sides, top, bottom (also known as placenta previa) and the front (anterior). So an anterior placenta is a placenta that has attached to the front of the uterus. does anterior placenta mean boy or girl Mar 14, 2014 Placenta position is at upper anterior. Does that mean boy or girl? Hi, I have a question about the placement of placenta in pregnancy. I am currently 18 wks preg and my placenta is said to be at upper anterior. Please has anyone ever had an anterior placenta and gave birth to a boy? . I was told anterior placenta means you are carrying a girl child. Had anterior placenta for my first child and delivered a girl. Am pregnant again with an anterior placenta. Opinions pls.

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